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If i hand you my phone to look at a picture, don’t start swiping. Don’t look at my pictures from last week. Don’t look through my text messages. Just look at the picture. No one invited you to take a tour.

"If they don’t need you, it’s okay. You don’t live for other people."
-Dir En Grey, Kyo (via roseghoul)



its sad how its more socially acceptable to hate your body than to love it

this text post hit me like a train

"As you think, so you become"
-Epictetus (via norockwithoutplastic)

second bout of sadness in two days ow I thought I was past this

was super hard saying bye to jack when i had only seen him for 18 hours after two weeks and 8 of those hours were spent sleeping…

i still have nightmares every night and it’s a lot easier when he’s here with me because it’s scary waking up alone after your subconscious springs such horrible temporary realities on you. 

sometimes i wish i didn’t care about him so much because in many ways it would make things so much easier. but i’m really grateful to him for being there for me, as i am with all my closest friends. yas was especially helpful this morning…

gonna try and do some work but i feel a little sick with all this sadness at the moment…